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(jawaban) That would be great artinya​


That would be great artinya​


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Lia: cool ………? Arya: i’m twenty year old Lia: where about in pontianak do you live? Arya: ……… Lia: ………. Arya: my phone number i…s 081345678939 and you? Lia: 089623456786. I think i have to go now. Nike to meet you arya, Arya: ……..

tolong bantu ya kak​

Lia sent me a card. Dialog 2 Mrs. Dewi You look happy after reading a chat on your phone. Is there any good news? Galang : Yes, Mom. Mrs. Dewi : What’…s that? Galang : Mrs. Dewi : May I see it? Galang Mrs. Dewi : : Sure. Here it is. Galang and unique cards. What a good girl! It shows that she really cares for you. : She does. She always encourages and motivates me. Mrs. Dewi : That’s what a friend is for. Anyway, why don’t you send her a reply, to thank her? Galang : I will, Mom. to crea Being a candidate for chairperson is a ch but I believe you will I’ll always supp Picture 5.3 An encouragement​


1. What is the text about? 2. Where does the story take place? 3. One day, they went down to a village for shopping. (paragraph 2) What does the under…lined word in this sentence refer to? 4. According to the story, who walked behind the girl? 5. Why did people look at the girl and her mother while entering village? 5. Young men were so fascinated by the girl’s beauty. (paragraph 3) The similar meaning of ‘fascinated’ is …. interested b. engrossed absorbed​

Lia: cool ………?

Jawablah pertanyaan di gambar tersebut!​

bahasa Inggris nyaAndes maholtra di Jim petapahan

Jawablah pertanyaan di gambar tersebut!​

Andes maholtra di Jim petapahan

Jawablah pertanyaan di gambar tersebut!​

Jawablah pertanyaan di gambar tersebut!​

DIY you see a boy…. a white shirt? a. with c.on ​

Masukkan kata yang bercetak tebal kedalam jenis contextual clue , Dalam Contextual Clue di bagi menjadi 7 : 1. Definition 2. Summary 3. Contrast 4. Ca…use 5. Method/purpose 6. Equivalency 7. prefixes and Suffixes Hanya yang bagian mengelompokkan Contextual Clue saja ya kak. Sebagai koreksi jawaban yang sudah Saya kerjakan . ” Terima Kasih” ​

struktur of the text 1 dan 2 invisible being​

struktur of the text 1 dan 2 invisible being​

Write the sentences in Simple Past; Positive, Negative and Interrogative. 1. Tommy is responsible for returning the library books. + – ? 2. Jessi…ca is late today because she missed the last bus. + – ? 3. The students write some articles for their teachers. + – ? 4. English is a compulsory subject for all university students. + – ? 5. Tiara presents her research proposal. + – ? 6. The teacher does not believe the result of the school questionnaire. + – ? 7. Many Sports faculty students take part in the Mayor’s Cup. + – ?

complete the sentence by this, these for number 1-5 and that, those for number 6-10 1. … is a pen… are pens 2. …is a chair… are chairs 3. … …is an orange… are oranges 4. …is a knife… are knives 5. …is a mouse… are mice 6. …is a child… are children 7. …is an ox… are oxen 8. …is an apple… are apples 9. …is a deer… are deer 10. …is a watch… are watches​

struktur of the text 1 dan 2 invisible being​

the chinese restaurant…. tree road sells. (with, in, on, and at ​

bantu kawan, terimakasih​

Tolong buatkan contoh dialog orang menanyakan tempat umum dengan menggunakan bahasa Inggris tolong di buatkan secepat ny tugas ny di kumpul besok​

my mother has gone shopping…. my brother​

Malamm, boleh tolong bantuin search di google/internet penjelasan / keterangan tentang preposition of place paling sedikit 10 berikanlah contoh² nya d…an juga gambarnya. pls bantuu, nanti aku jadikan jawaban terbaik! asalkan lengkap.. oh yaa contohnya ada ya yang di bawah ini semoga mengerti ​

The sculpture….the glass cabinet is beatiful.​

Write a report of the a Haigh Dave story 1. Introduction 2. Summary of the story 3. Book Details: characters, theme, plot and setting 4. Evaluation an…d Conclusion ​

Singer Yopie Latul Dies after Confirmed Positive with Covid-19 TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Yopie Latul, a singer popular in Indonesia in the 1990s, died today…, September 9. He was 65 years old. The day before, the singer was reported to have tested positive for Covid-19. Yopie, a Maluku native, died in a hospital in Cibinong, West Java. Fellow musicians have taken to social media to express their grief over the loss of the veteran singer. The day before his death, Yopie’s son Carllo Latul posted to his personal Instagram account about his father’s condition. The post confirmed reports that Yopie had tested positive for the new coronavirus. The Instagram story post said that his father showed no symptoms and none of his family members were infected. What background​

The rides… Disneyland are great Fun!​

Z 9. 710 1. 2 M 9. how was Dayang Sumbi ? Who was was. Dayang Sumbi? Dayang Sumbi lazy & helped Dayang Sumbi to make ber waving tool ? who What di…